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  • Race.jpgInt'l Berlin Cargo Bike Race 2018 - Spring Edition
    The registration for the International Berlin Cargo Bike Race 2018 - Spring Edition is open.
  • 1. logo.jpgCall for Applications Non-profit Cargo Bike Initiatives
    The International Cargo Bike Festival offers free exhibition space for non-profit cargo bike initiatives at the ICBF / VELOBerlin 2018 event at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin. You can apply for a free exhibition place if your initiative is conform the required conditions.
  • VELO_Berlin-Logo_RGB_neu-04.jpg (1)ICBF 2018 in Berlin
    In 2018 the International Cargo Bike Festival will move from Nijmegen to Berlin.
  • Fietsdiensten-stroopwafelblikje-3D.jpg"Stroopwafels" & Cycling
    Especially for the International Cargo Bike Festival 2017 and the Velo-city Conference 2017 we have designed a lovely can for “stroopwafels” in the “Delfts Blue” tradition.
  • snapshot Cleaning.jpgPlace of cargo bikes on the road
    At the request of the Dutch Province of Gelderland lecturer/researcher Kaspar Koolstra (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) made a first inventory of the pro’ and con’s of cargo bikes on bike lanes and /or streets. To get a broader perspective on the matter he interviewed several European specialists and producers.
  • Fietskoeries logo.jpgDelivery by Fietskoeriers.nl
    The 600 bike messengers of Fietskoeriers.nl deliver online orders in 30 cities in the Netherlands.
  • velove_cargo_bike-300x196.jpgLEVs in the Spotlight
    Toin Peters of the University of Applied Sciences Arnhem-Nijmegen will discuss plans, possibilities and needs to establish a test facility for E-cargo bikes and LEFV
  • 100%.jpg100% zonnig
    The ICBF will be powered by 100% zonnig.
  • shorty_disc_right.jpgUrban Arrow participates at the ICBF2017
    Urban Arrow is sponsor and participant at the ICBF2017. Urban Arrow makes attractive, high-quality transport bicycles that can move quickly through the city thanks to the latest technology and modern materials
  • Bergrijer1910.jpgShort history of the cargo bike
    In the Netherlands thousands of so-called ‘bakfiets’ mothers and fathers kick the ‘bakfiets’ generation to school and the groceries home. They weren’t there fifteen years ago. In the '40 and '50 of the last century the cargo bike was a critical part of the merchants’, craftsmen’s and factories’ business model. And while the cargo bike parents bike around in the Netherlands, the cargo bike’s star is rising in logistical systems in European cities. How significant has the cargo bike already been in the Dutch society, and what potential does it still hold?
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