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  • afvalfiets.jpgSave the waste collection e-trike from the shredder
    The local party Aalt-Waalre Belang wants to get rid of the e-trike and trailer for waste collection. Save the e-trike from the shredder.
  • VELOBerlin.jpgSpecial Cargo Bike & Family Area at VELOHamburg
    Like at the ICBF2018 @ VELOBerlin, Arne Behrensen of cargobike.jetzt will coordinate the special Cargo Bike & Family Area.
  • cargobikeboom-boys.pngCar Go Bike Boom
    How cargo bikes revolutionize our ways of urban transport and mobility. Book launch at the ICBF2018 @ VEOBerlin!
  • cycloon en triobike2.jpgtriobike & Cycloon
    Cycloon Post & Fietskoeriers worked to gether with trioBike to design and build a better, faster and more affordable cargo bike than existed before.
  • Deliver E-Trike.jpg (1)Ebike4Delivery up to 7,500 bikes in 2018
    Ebike4Delivery expects to sell it's 7,500th delivery bike by June 2018.
  • Bergrijer1910.jpgShort history of the cargo bike
    In the Netherlands thousands of so-called ‘bakfiets’ mothers and fathers kick the ‘bakfiets’ generation to school and the groceries home. They weren’t there fifteen years ago. In the '40 and '50 of the last century the cargo bike was a critical part of the merchants’, craftsmen’s and factories’ business model. And while the cargo bike parents bike around in the Netherlands, the cargo bike’s star is rising in logistical systems in European cities. How significant has the cargo bike already been in the Dutch society, and what potential does it still hold?
  • Opstelling Vasim.jpgPhotos, videos, blogs & articles on ICBF2015
    Many visitors took pictures, made videos and wrote articles and blogs about the International Cargo Bike Festival 2015