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Angela van der Kloof, Senior Mobility Consultant & Cycling Expert at Mobycon.

undefined Working in sustainable mobility for over 20 years, Angela is a senior consultant and cycling expert for Mobycon, an international consultancy based in the Netherlands and Canada. As geographer, educator and specialist in adult learning, Angela specializes in cycling, traffic safety and education. Angela’s passion is challenging and supporting people to think differently about their mobility options and choices. To her the bicycle is a tool to stimulate participation in society and to create an environment that is accessible for all. Working within the Netherlands and abroad, Angela inspires innovation in bicycle policy and planning. She has also developed programs for schools, children and refugees in cycling, traffic safety and public transit. Internationally, Angela has worked with women’s groups in Europe and Latin America to set up cycling schools. In her consulting work Angela also delivers workshops, lectures and trainings to citymakers (policy makers, planners, local consultants, advocates), mainly in Europe and North-America. She cooperates with colleagues in her team on cycle network development and planning for 30 km/hour zones. Always keeping the needs of current users and potential future users in mind. Next to her job, Angela is pursuing her PhD in the field of Gender, Cycling and Education at the faculty of Political Science at Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands).



Chris Bruntlett is an Architectural Designer who has always used the humble bicycle to get around. After  moving to Vancouver in 2007, he saw officials focusing their efforts on bicycle policy and infrastructure, while continuing to overlook a critical third prong of increasing ridership: marketing the cycling lifestyle. Seven years later, he co-founded Modacity with his partner Melissa, a creative agency that through their work as writers, filmmakers, photographers, and speakers inspires “healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility.†Their stories of emerging bike cultures around the world have been featured in   Momentum Magazine, Grist, Spacing, and the Huffington Post.


Yuki Yamamoto

Kevin Hickman

Mirjam de Wit

Anton Lytvynenko



Johan Erlandsson is a dedicated Formula 1 fan, tech lover and lives in the city of Volvo Cars: Gothenburg, Sweden. But he also has a solid background in sustainability, and knows that a widespread use of cars and vans do not only fit badly into cities, but is also totally unsustainable, no matter how much electricity, hydrogen and self-driving you put into the mix. Mass car and van use is just too resource and energy demanding to be a real answer to the acute climate crisis we have on our hands. The cargo cycle is however the perfect answer to Johan's background. Limitless possibilities to include beautiful tech, and so energy and resource efficient that every person on the planet can have one (or even two), without crossing planetary boundaries. Johan has for the last five years been going all out on cargo cycles, starting up both a cycle logistics company (Pling Transport) and developing a new groundbreaking cargo cycle, the Armadillo.



Charles Levillain


undefined Andrej Sobotkiewicz studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, and worked as chief of finance and sponsorship at the International Festival of Creative Communications Magdalena. After studies he worked at Sonce, the biggest Slovenian digital agency at the time, as project manager, and founded the Starbirth design studio. He started his entrepreneurial career at 15 years old, when he successfully negotiated a loan to buy his first scooter, and since then his enthusiasm for two-wheelers spread to electric scooters, e-bikes and cargo-bikes. Wanting to promote environmental sustainability and to facilitate the global shift to electric mobility, he founded Lock&Charge and Paztir with with his wife Nerina. Together they strive to instill their respect and love for our planet to their daughter.



 Tom Parr


Luuk Eickmans is the founder and Executive Director of CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty), a nonprofit improving access to education, health care and income with bicycles in Uganda and Kenya. For increased (donor) independancy, they have developed social bicycle entreprises in Uganda and Kenya, not only creating jobs, but also generating profit to support the social bicycle projects. They run Bikeventures (bicycle tours, bicycle rentals, bicycle events and accommodation) and the Green Hub (building, producing, assembling, selling a wide range of bicycles from no-nonsense specially Africa-designed bicycles to high-tech mountainbikes, but also bicycle trailers, wheelchairs, hand tricycles and bicycle ambulances). Profit from these entreprises are ploughed back to the nonprofit to help students, health care volunteers and small entrepreneurs to access a bicycle. Coop-Africa believes that ʺA bicycle makes the differenceʺ.