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List of exhibitors in reverse alphabetical order (last update, 21 January 2018)


XYZ Cargo - Denmark/Germany      undefined    undefined

XCYC (GWW GmbH) - Germany              undefined

VELOVE - Sweden                  undefined     undefined

VELEON - Germany              undefined   undefined

URBAN ARROW - Netherlands                  undefined  undefined   

STARKE CYCLES - Sweden   undefinedundefined

SOCI.BIKE - Netherlands        undefined

SBLOCS cargo bikes - Germany   undefined

RIESE & MÜLLER - Germany                       undefined

RECYCLE ITALIAN CARGO BIKE             undefined

RADKUTSCHE - Germany        undefined     undefined


PEDAL YOUR PAINTING - Netherlands  undefined  undefined

MULI-CYCLE - Germany          undefined           undefined


LEVV-LOGIC / LEVV-NL - Netherlands undefined   undefined

KARGON GmbH - Germany

HNF Heisenberg GmbH - Germany                             undefined

HINTERHER - Germany                    undefined

HERCULES GmbH - Germany                                   undefined

HAMAX AS - Germany             undefined

HASE BIKES - Germany           undefined   undefined 

Fietsdiensten.nl - Netherlands   undefined  undefined

EUROPEAN CYCLE LOGISTICS FEDERATION - ECLF- Mini Conference 2018             undefined

E-BIKE4DELIVERY - Netherlands    undefined undefined

DUTCH STROOPWAFELS - Netherlands                    undefined            undefined

DOUZE CYCLES- France                                undefined    undefined

DILASSI - Anna Lasshofer - Germany                                undefined

CARGOLI - Germany        undefined   undefined


BUTCHERS & BICYCLES - Denmark  undefined      undefined

BOGBI - Colombia/Norway                  undefined        undefined

BIOMEGA - Denmark                    undefined    undefined               

Alinker - Canada / Netherlands                              undefined



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You can read more about the possibilities of exhibiting at the ICBF in the Cargo Bike Factsheet