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Location: "De Bouillon", Honigcomplex
Session I: Cargo Bike Culture
Time: 13.30 - 14.30
The cargo bike is here to stay. No longer is the ‘bakfiets’ a thing of the past, or is it only being used by parents in Copenhagen and Amsterdam to transport their children. People in different places discover how cargo bikes offer them the mobility options that they  need for a number of reasons. In this session we’ll hear about what’s happening in Vancouver, about cargo bikes and food, about how cargo bikes are being used for creative education and cargo bikes as a mobility aid. With ever more users, questions on what good infrastructure for these vehicles looks like rise and luckily that topic is being covered in this session too!
* Chris Bruntlett: Vancouver’s Cargo Bike Revolution
* Yuki Yamamoto: Infrastructure quality and cargo bike users’ route choice
* Kevin Hickman: Beyond the Bicycle: updating the image of the mobility aid
* Mirjam de Wit: PLUTOMOBIEL creative education on a bike
* Anton Lytvynenko: GOSTRO, Street Food Experience
Session II: Cycle Logistics
Time: 15.00 - 15.45
When you’re interested in the use of cargo bikes in logistics, this session offers you a unique opportunity to hear from developers and researchers about the latest innovations and developments. You will witness how professional this niche within logistics is and see why this is the future for logistics in our cities (and beyond). Topics include containers for cargo bikes, EU pallets and Intelligence. And we can all get up to speed with the overview of innovations that is being gathered in the register of Pedal Powered Logistics.
* Johan Erlandsson: Next steps in city logistics containerization
* Charles Levillain: EU Pallets delivery by bike
* Andrej Sobotkiewicz: PAZTIR, Bringing Intelligence into Cycle Logistics
* Tom Parr: RIPPL, Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics
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