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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Location: "De Bouillon", Honigcomplex

Session V: Cycle Logistics

13.30 -14.30:

Birgit Hendriks of Eco2City will talk about the plan to organise a zero emission city logistics week in April 2018 when Nijmegen is EU Green Capital. 

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14.40 - 15.25

Heike van der Woerd - RoutIGo.


Customer centric delivery. The future? 
Squeezing everything out of logistics. How does that work? Delivery needs to be fast, reliable and at the expected moment. As well as simple and at no expense. How to organise the most effective delivery? It requires a different way of looking at your process. Are you focussed on the most efficient ways of delivery? Do you feel that a new way of delivering goods needs a new look into your process? Heike van der Woerd of RoutiGo will help you to wrap your mind around the changing business of E-commerce and customer centric delivery. 


15.30 - 16.00

Lukas Beck: Wheels Turning Wheels

Lukas will talk about his last years trip and all the cargo bike related projects, problems and highlights he had, how the different countries are dealing with it and where the cargo bike hype is still a new thing.