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The Art of Cycling / Cycle-Art

Four international artist show their work inspired by the bicycle during the International Cargo Bike festival. Each of them from a different angle en perspective: photography, video, paintings and collage.
Dyami Serna, a Californian photographer living in the Netherlands, shows pictures taken from bike-couriers in the US and the Netherlands;
Jacob van der Linden (NL), painter/musician/video-artist, shows a video-compilation. During the day, his videos will be displayed on the walls of the festival building; 
Diederik Grootjans, a local painter from Nijmegen, will present his portraits of bicycles in quiet a different setting and;
Ro-Nalt Schrauwen (NL) collagist, will guide you through the surrealistic possibilities of mixing images of cycling, bikes and bike-parts to a new reality.
The exhibition wil take place at "De Bouillon" at the "Honigcomplex" and lasts until the end of the Velocity conference on Friday, June 16th.
All pieces of Art are for sale. If interested, ask the organisation, Ro-Nalt Schrauwen or call: 0031-(0)6-4942 2005
Pakje Kunst at the International Cargo Bike Festival!
Pakje Kunst is an art project by Ro-Nalt Schrauwen where old vending machines are used to sell art from local artists. During the International Cargo Bike Festival there will be a vending machine on the premises. For only €4 you can draw a Pakje Kunst (Package of Art). You draw a Pakje Kunst from curiosity, as a gift for a friend or loved one, as a pleasantry, as collection item or a souvenir from the International Cargo Bike Festival or Velo-City 2017.