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Pioneering UK Cargo Bike manufacturer Boxer Cycles seeks buyer / partner.


Boxer Cycles based in Poole Dorset, is a manufacturer of family and commercial cargo bikes. Boxer is probably best known for its outlandish ‘Rocket’ four seater family cargo bike which was featured in the design museum last year. However, Boxer best-selling model is its Shuttle four seater family bike, which has been recently updated to include the Shimano Steps mid-drive with Alfine 8 DI-2 automatic shifting rear hub.

Boxer is well respected for its innovative approach to cargo bike design and its practical innovations such as its vehicle grade lighting option which is bought by over 80% of customers as an upgrade.


Boxer’s founder and managing director Jeremy Davies recently suffered a seizure which has resulted in him having to surrender his driving licence for 6 months minimum. As Boxer is effectively a one-man-band with Davies doing everything including driving parts between process suppliers and deliveries this has put a major spanner in the spokes.

‘I have made the decision that I have gone as far as I can on my own with Boxer and I need to either sell it to an entity that can take it forward, take further investment or partner with a company that can assist with building and fulfilment allowing me to focus on sales.’ says Davies. ‘Prior to now we have attained some seed funding but this has always been too little too late and has been ‘hands off’. We have always had to struggle through with just myself doing the design, sales, builds and deliveries’

Boxer’s aluminium frames are made from scratch utilising local suppliers within a 5 mile radius of its Poole factory. ‘We have tried our best to keep Boxer British and local built – we are proud of that… But building in small numbers is costly and involves lots of running around taking parts from one process to another – as a result my sales and marketing has been woeful and I am not making enough sales to allow me to hire staff or make advance orders for key parts such as the motor systems’


‘We have built a blood good brand, that has earned a reputation for style, quality and innovation. Our bikes make good profits, the sales are there and we certainly have a lot of interest from dealers over on the continent and the US where the big markets are, we just need to get some focus to lock down the key designs and execute these sales ’ says Davies. ‘we have done 90% of the work – we just need help to finish it’

If you are able to help Boxer or know someone who may be interested then please contact Jeremy on 07917 698 438 or contact him at Jeremy@boxercycles.com  Boxers website is www.boxercycles.com