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Car Go Bike Boom

Car Go Bike Boom — How cargo bikes revolutionize our ways of urban transport and mobility

Book Launch at the ICBF2018 @ VELOBerlin

By Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher & Eric Poscher-Mika


There's never been a better moment to write about those 'beast of burden' on two, three or even four wheels. Musclepropelled at times, and more recently electrically assisted, they change the way we move about and organize transport, or rather, genuinely combine the two tasks while using a single machine. Either way, they are the talk of many a town. They seem to stir the creative momentum of urban planners, logistics service providers, lord mayors, councils, broadsheet mobility blogs, small businesses, cycling couriers, families, child minders, cyclists' association, cycling shops, you name it. Children taking the front row when carried around, love them. 'Heavyweights' like washing machines or visitors can easily be picked up and carried home. Inner cities seem to yearn for 'copenhagenization'.

CAR GO BIKE BOOM is a German book project. Cosmopolitan biker & urban activist Eric Poscher-Mika and boneshaker mechanic & cycling poet Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher try to track down this 'velorutionary' moment in time and address issues like: Will cargo bikes pave the way into another or new way of urban mobility? Cargo cycling – three waves of urban, muscle propelled load carrying history. How do we use cargo bikes right now? User portraits. And a historical overview, amongst others.

MAXIME Verlag 2018; 224 pages; softcover, thread-stitching; 17,0 x 24,0 cm, 790 g; colour illustrations throughout; approx. 27,50 € (D); language:German ISBN 978-3-906887-04-3 To order a copy: fahrradbuch.de

Contact Eric Poscher-Mika, Dornbirn, AT eric@morgenlab.net +43 699 11403480 +49 152 54245421

Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher, Leipzig, DE ghejue@web.de +49 341 92730525 +49 176 57298661

Project website http://morgenlab.net/cargobikeboom