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ECLF Conference 2015 Donostia - San Sebastian

The Third Conference of the European Cycle Logistics Conference took place 15-17 October 2015 in Donostia / San Sebastian, Spain.

More than 140 delegates from 15 countries attended the Conference.

Photo by Arne Behrendsen - CargoBike.jetzt

Daniel Tonkopiy of DelFast from Kiev gave an inspiring presentation: "How to start a game changing logistics service in Ukraine during the war" DelFast has a fleet of 50 e-bikes doing all kinds of fast deliveries in Kyiv. Deleveries of packages under 7 kg are delvered within one hour by e-bike. Details can be found on the English webpage: http://ua.delfast.co/en/index.html
For e-bikes in Ukraine, there is no limit on power ad speed for the electric assist. As long as you still pedal it is a bike - even if electric assist makes you ride with 120kmh ...
DelFast also started with 10 e-bikes in Warsaw and will soon start in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

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