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Eco Vehicle Exchange

Let Eco Vehicle Exchange (EVE) help sell your cargo bikes 
EVE is a market place for low-carbon, non-polluting vehicles. EVE recognises bikes as the cleanest, most efficient vehicles yet invented. It promotes a broader range of vehicles, as it wants to be inclusive and accessible to all. EVE has a particular desire to promote cargo bikes, as they are so practical for so many uses and users; from commercial removals and deliveries, to an adventure day-out with family or friends.
EVE has a number of cargo bikes listed already, but we would like to see a lot more. Please take a look at this example: http://eco-vehicle-exchange.net/vehicles/bullitt-cargo-bike/
You can list your cargo bikes as you see fit. Simply register, and post as much information as you like, and pictures too. Your contact information is embedded in the listing, so users can contact you easily.
You can register and create listings here: http://eco-vehicle-exchange.net/create-listing/
EVE promotes all listings on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Is has 1000s of followers and visitors. Listings often receive hundreds of visits. And its all for free. 
The more listings we have, the more users we attract, the more impact EVE has. And that is good for you, for us, for the air that we breathe, and for the planet we live on. 
So please do get involved.