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Live video registrations ICBF 2016 Conference

This year, on saturday 16 April 2016, we had livestreaming at the Conference of the International Cargo Bike Festival with Periscope. Ton Haex of De Lindenberg took care of the registrations.

Opening and Keynote Michael Cramer, "Cyclelogistics from a EU perspective"(at 9:45 minutes)

Francisco Luciano, Workshop on Cargo Bike Sharing Part One

Workshop on Cargo Bike Sharing Part Two

Cargo Bikes Exhibition floor I

Gary Armstrong, first analysis of the ECLF survey of cyclogistics operators

20x20 / Pecha Kucha presentation

Johan Erlandsson, Workshop "Containerization in Cyclologistics Part One" with Kees Verweij, BCI.

Workshop on "Containerization in Cyclelogistics Part Two"

Cargo Bikes Exhibition floor II

Stefan Bendiks of Artgineering, "Cargo bike urbanism?"

Q & A to "Cargo bike urbanism?"

Felix Vanvuchelen, BubblePost

Mark Potters, Fietskoeriers.nl

Final words by Ron Vervuurt, Francisco Luciano en Jos Sluijsmans

Video by Oosterhout Productions of the ICBF 2016 Conference + Innovation Expo in Amsterdam.

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