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"Ground modules" include the following items:

  • Motor module - 250W motor selection from a single mid-drive motor to a dual-motor setup (front + rear/mid motors). Dual motors come with the benefit of added redundancy, higher power, and improved system efficiency (Automatic Motor-efficiency Optimization, AMO)
  • Battery pack module - single battery pack (400W) or dual battery packs (800W) module with extra redundancy and extra travel distance
  • Controller module - an intelligent sine wave controller with built-in blue tooth module for wireless access via smart phone
  • Sensor module - rpm sensor or torque sensor depending on user's needs
  • Display module - a built-in standard display or with a built-in smart phone for APP and Cloud access

"Cloud modules" include the following items:

  • Blue Tooth module - a built-in BT module in the controller or together with the GSM module which allows data collection and retrieving from cargo bike via APP or cloud.
  • GSM/GPS SIM card module - a built-in GSM/GPS module in a hidden compartment. A Cloud module for pin-point locations of individual cargo bikes via local carrier.
  • APP module - for individual users who can use the APP to retrieve and read eBike information in real-time
  • Cargo management module - an application which allows corporate personnel to monitor and track cargo bikes via Google Maps in their central office. He/she can use their PC or App and retrieve cargo bike data such as remaining battery capacity, remaining traveling distance, travel history, pizza temperature, etc. in near real-time.
  • Web hosting module (optional) - an online web hosting module to keep user information and manage user account assignments.

By end of the workshop, you will understand the basic foundations to build a heavy duty electric cargo bike system and Cloud service integration with rental cargo bike solution.