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PRO E-BIKE tested opportunities for e-bike, e-cargobike and e-scooter transport of goods and people in eight cities in the EU.

PRO E-BIKE was present at the second ‘BakfietsTreffen’ in 2013 when it had its ‘kick-off meeting’ in Nijmegen. It was also presenting at the Cargo Bike Conference editions of 2014 and 2015. It is a European project with a total of 40 partners from private and public sectors that have tested and evaluated a range of e-bikes, including e-cargobikes, as an alternative to “conventionally fossil fuelled” vehicles.

In the congress edition of 2016 a poster referring to findings in the final report will be presented, focusing on the efficiency of e-bikes and e-cargobikes for delivery in urban areas and the opportunities with a growing market of e-commerce needing last mile logistics solutions. Also, the project team formulated a set of recommendations for authorities on how to maximize the benefits of cycle logistics as clean and efficient transport. Some of those recommendations are:

  1. Policies, strategies and plans should take cycle logistics into account
  2. Regulatory measures are needed, promoting mode shift to sustainable transport
  3. Local authorities should procure e-bikes and commission cycle delivery services

Also, in 2015 the E-bike simulation tool for companies and public bodies (that have a fleet) has been launched. It enables the simulation of the impact of the use of E-bikes. It analyses the potential benefits in terms of costs and emissions that can result from the introduction of E-bikes. The tool is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Dutch, Slovenian, Portuguese and Swedish.

The publications and simulation tool can be found on the project website: http://www.pro-e-bike.org/publications2/


Steven Koster of PUURland from Arnhem on Urban Arrow e-cargobike