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Reports, blogposts, articles, videos, photos of the ICBF 2018

The ICBF 2018 @ VELOBerlin was a fantastic experience and very succesful festival. Thank you very much for participating and visiting!

Watch the videos and photos and read the articles, reports and blogs.


We published again a great edition of the Cargo Bike Magazine, the ICBF Magazine 2018

Video of the Cargo Bike Parade through Berlin (40 sec), Saturday 14 April 2018 (Andrea Casalotti)

Video of the International Berlin Cargo Bike Race - Spring Edition, (5.10 min)Sunday 15 April 2018 ((Pedalkultur)

Video on gadgets and highlights of the VELOBerlin festival (42.30 min) by the "Berliner Zeitung"

Some photos of the ICBF 2018 in Berlin on Ecns.cn

Podcast by DuitslandNieuws about Cargoroo and cargo bike sharing (in Dutch)

Short report on VELOBerlin of the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Interview with Jos Sluijsmans for the Dutch Cycling Embassy on RadioEins Berlin Rad'n'Roll on the differences of cycling in Germany and in The Netherlands.


Article by Arne Behrensen of Cargobike.jetzt "Berliner Senat führt cargobike-Kaufprämie ein", including the presentation of the KoMoDo Project, in which 5 main delivery companies use one central micro hub at Prenzlauer Berg and deliver the packages by cargo bike, starting from June 1st. The companies involved are DHL, DPD, UPS, Hermes and GLS.

Article by Georgios Farfaras, CEO of Greenways Social Enterprise at NowWeBike "Insight Information from the ECLF Symposium and ICBF2018 in Berlin"

Article at World Startup Factory on the optimisation system for Cycle Logistics of PAZTIR

Article at "Courrier international" in french: "Les vélos-cargos se faufilent dans les villes allemands"

Article at The Local: "Pedal Power: the rise of cargo bikes in Germany"

René Nass rode from Nijmegen to Berlin on a Soci.Bike cargo bike and made this video about is trip.

VUF, one of the new exhibitors at the ICBF2018, made a nice VIDEO about its cargo bike and trailer.


https://www.rbb-online.de/abendschau/archiv/20180414_1930.html (13:54 - 14.29 min)

https://www.velobiz.de/Redaktion/Nachrichten/19512/Begeisterung-nach-Umzug/VELOBerlin-legt-am-Flughafen-Tempelhof-eine-Traumlandung-hin.aspx (Login required)




Articles at VELOSTROM, VELOBerlin 2018, Premiere am Tempelhof mit mehr als 16.000 tausend Besucher    

                                 Radlogistik Verband Deutschland wird gegründet



13. April 2018: City-Logistik: Berlin will Lastenräder finanziell fördern | Logistra

14. April 2018: Cargobike-Symposium in Berlin zeigt alternative City-Logistik | Logistra

16. April 2018: City-Logistik: Citkar Loadster schlägt Brücke von Bike zu Van | Logistra

17. April 2018: City-Logistik: Veleon zeigt modulares E-Lastenrad für KEP | Logistra

17. April 2018:Radlogistik Verbandes Deutschland wird gegründet | BdKEP e.V.

17. April 2018:Urbane Mobilität: Veleon zeigt modulares E-Cargobike für KEP-Branche | VISION mobility .

18. April 2018: City-Logistik: Deutscher Lastenradlogistik-Verband gegründet | Logistra

18. April 2018:City-Logistik: Rytle strebt mit Cargobike-Konzept in die Serie | Logistra

18. April 2018:Letzte Meile: Deutsche Radlogistiker gründen Verband | Zeitung Transport


The ICBF 2019 will take place in Groningen on 14-16 June.

Watch the trailer