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Reports, blogposts, videos, photos, ICBF 2016

Many participants of the ICBF2016 wrote about the ICBF or made pictures and videos. We try to list them all. If yours isn't listed yet, please, sent us a link.

Anticipated happiness by Bakfietsblog.de "Vorfreude aufs Bakfietstreffen".

N1, 'Het bakfietsTreffen begon als een ludiek evenement'. Interview met organisator Jos Sluijsmans (in Dutch)

We have published online the International Cargo Bike Festival Magazine made by LA Communicatie.

A great video of the ICBF2016 of 16&17 April including a visit to the Innovation Expo on April 14th in Amsterdam was made by Oosterhout Productions.

Bicycle Dutch blogpost on ICBF2016

Ruimte en Licht: Terugblik ICBF2016

Photos by Remco Kroeze published on the Facebook page The Happy Cargobiker

Cargobike.jetzt, "International Cargo Bike Festival im Zeichen der City-Logistik" with many great photos.

I Bike Strasbourg, "Le festival de la cargologie présente les solutions pour un futur indépendant de l'automobile." again with many great photos.

Johan Erlandsson, "Small container could shift more goods from motor vehicles to cargo cycles."

Video Cargo Bike Parade in Nijmegen by MOVEBYBIKE

Video Cargo Bike Parade in Nijmegen arriving at De Vasim, by Gareth Lewis of Cargo Cycles

Atmospheric impression of the International Cargo Bke Festival 2016 in Nijmegen by the Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Velho of Insólito Filmes

Tortuga XL Tested at the ICBF 2016

Blogpost on the ICBF2016 by BicycleDutch including 3 videos

MOBILIZE, Brasil - Festival e parada de cargo bikes na Holanda.

Videos of the cargo bike parade by SeLi: 1/3 .  2/3 ,   3/3

Grande entree of many cargobikes at de Vasim, ICBF2016 with and by Juice on Wheels

Bakfietsblog.de "Bakfietstreffen 2016"

Nieuws uit Nijmegen: BakfietsTreffen 2016 bij de Vasim

47 minutes video of the cargo bike parade of Oosterhout Productions, filmed with the GoPro camera installed at the Brox cargobike which  Geert Elemans was riding.


Blog by Lock and Charge

Noticias de PARGAL Bicicletas de Carga de Colombia

Live video registrations of the ICBF Conference