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Save the waste collection e-trike from the shredder

On May 6th, the national Dutch newspaper NRC published an article on the e-trike + trailer for waste collection in Waalre.

In the recent municipal election in the Netherlands the local party Aalst-Waalre Belang made a point about stopping the successful pilot with the e-trike. It is not very clear why they want to stop waste collection by this cargo trike. Their party leader Jo Claessen stated that the e-trike “should end up in a shredder”.

We published an article about this project at RIPPL in August 2017.

The e-trike is developed and built by the very renowned Baetsen Groep en VDL Groep, an international industrial company with 95 businesses in 20 countries and 16.000 employees. They will show and ride with the waste collection e-trike in the “Trucks in Action Show” at the IFAT in München , 14-18 May 2018, Stand FGL 813/1. If you are interested to visit VDL at the IFAT, contact Monique Daniëls +31 497 367050.

Take your change and save this beautiful e-trike and trailer for waste collection from being shredded into pieces! You can get more information from Jo Claessen at +31 6 511 03 544 or mail: jclaessen@aalstwaalrebelang.nl or the municipality of Waalre: +31 40 22 82 500 / gemeente@waalre.nl