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"Stroopwafels" & Cycling

Especially for the International Cargo Bike Festival 2017 and the Velo-city Conference 2017, to be celebrated in Nijmegen from 11 to 13 June and from 13 to 16 June 2017 respectively we have designed a lovely can for “stroopwafels” in the “Delfts Blue” tradition.


The images combine the perfect biking tradition of our country together with the tast of our national celebrated syrup waffle, ‘Stroopwafel’. Pictured are a cargo bike, an “omafiets”, a child’s walking bike, a recumbent bike and a racing bike.

We meet so many cyclists and bikeriders that love “stroopwafels” that we thought it a good idea to make a combination of the two. When requested the cans can also be filled with licorice (drop), mints or traditional Dutch candy.

You can order the stroopwafel bicycle cans in boxes of 48 cans by sending an e-mail to Fietsdiensten.nl: info@fietsdiensten.nl , indicating the address where it should be delivered and indicating the address for the Invoice.

The price per can is €6,95. Of each can €0,50 will be donated to charity, the ICBF funding, for potential participants of the International Cargo Bike Festival from developing countries or for others who have not sufficient resources themselves to come to the ICBF in Nijmegen.





The cans come including 8 fresh stroopwafels with an estimated expiration date of 1 year. But their so tasty that we don’t expect them to last longer then a week.

Discount of 5% when you purchase 10 boxes, (480 cans)

Discount of 10% when you purchase 20 boxes (960 cans)

The cans can be personalised with a sticker for an additional charge from €1,00 per can.

There will be a Stroopwafel stand at the ICBF2017 where fresh delicious stroopwafels are made live and where you can buy the tins in single units or pre-order boxes of 48 cans that can be shipped to you after the event. Unfortunately there is only a very linited amount of cans that arrived in time for the ICBF / Velo-city conference.