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Special Cargo Bike & Family Area at VELOHamburg

Also at VELOHamburg cargo bike-related exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in the designated special exhibition area callwed Cargo Bike & Family Area. The topic will be focused in on-stage presentations as well as in the media and press relations of the event. Arne Behrensen of “cargobike.jetzt” provides independent expert advice at the cargo bike info booth. Large test tracks invite you to test the cargo bikes and an exciting cargo bike race shows what‘s possible with a cargo bike. manufacturers of cargo bike relates accesories will also be able to exhibit at this special area.


Needless to say that exhibitors can also register for an indepent booth at VELOHamburg. Please check the "Ausstellerunterlagen" at the website.

Equally as at VELOBerlin, at VELOHamburg the four VELO areas URBAN & LIFESTYLE, SPORTS & ADVENTURE, BIKE & TRAVEL and TESTIVAL & SIDEEVENTS offer all exhibitors the ideal platform to present their novelties, trends and classics towards interested and well funded consumers. The bicycle festivals are organised by the Berlin based bike and mobility agency Velokonzept in collaboration with its partners Messe Friedrichshafen (Berlin), Hamburger Morgenpost Medien (Hamburg). As one of the most important future trends, cargo bikes are one of the core topics at all VELO events.

Check out the VELOHamburg website for further informations.